Welcome dear music lovers!


Live the experience of live concerts from your living room!  


The cascading cancellation of music festivals for an undetermined period of time plunges musicians and particularly the young generation into unprecedented precariousness.   We have created this platform to adapt the concerts to the present conditions with current means. It is not a question of flooding the media and social networks even more, but of perpetuating the musical profession and preserving a privileged relationship between the audience and the artists.  


The concerts are filmed live, respecting the social distancing mesures, and will be presented to you by Valentine Jongen (from the YouTube channel Val so Classic) every Thursday at 6:00 P.M. You can also watch the replay until midnight the same day.  


At the end of every performance, the musicians will be happy to answer any question that will be asked in writing via the platform. By subscribing to this site for 1 or 4 concerts, you become an actor and listener of a living musical culture and you allow all these professionals, recognized or to discover, to live with dignity from their passion.


Let us wish a short life to the virus and a long life to music !

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