Welcome dear music lovers!


Live the experience of live concerts from your living room!  


Created during the first lockdown, Classique sur Canapé comes back for a second season of live concerts starting on Saturday, November 7.


The concerts are broadcasted live at RENS LIPSIUS STUDIO, "Ideal Artist House n°2" presented by Simon Proust every Saturday at 7 p.m. You can also watch the concerts in replay 24 hours after the live broadcast.


At the end of the performances, the musicians will be happy to answer your questions that you can write on the platform chat, as our main objective is to keep alive the special bound between the public and the artists.


The cascading cancellation of music festivals and the closure of performance halls for an indefinite period plunges artists and in particular the young musical generation into unprecedented precariousness.


By subscribing for one or four concerts, you become an actor and listener of a living musical culture and you allow all these professionals, well-known musicians or young talents, to live from their passion with dignity.


Ludovic Levionnois

Artistic director


Classique sur Canapé is a project by Andiamo Productions


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